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How Featured Feast came to be

Learn how Featured Feast came to be… it’s all about family, time, and sharing. From the grocery store to the table, and even good conversation. Mental, emotional, and physical health matter most. We hope you find value in experiencing our  ideas. It brings us a lot of joy and hoping you find that same feeling and continue to expand those precious moments and memories.


We only have so many days, so many years that we can enjoy before our time is up. With our responsibilities of work, school, cleaning, and all the other need to do’s, time is precious. Time to spend bonding and enjoying your loved ones seems to be slowly disappearing. So when we get the opportunity to get better organized and free up some of that time we should take it.

family Time

Before three of four kids joined sports, meals were home cooked every night and eaten together at the table. During the meal we would go around the table and ask each child how there day was. Giving them a brief time to explain as we asked them why. We would continue asking what there least favorite part was and end the questioning with what their most favorite part was. This was an important time for a number of reasons. We kept up a little better as to what was going on in our children’s lives while filling them full of nutrients. Giving them a chance to talk about their day provided them a chance to express themselves and offered some closure on the day at hand. The feature of the dinner was always of course the feast we had to create, Hence the name ‘Featured Feast’.

less time

But since the schedule got to be busy, keeping the family fed with nutritious meals became a challenge. Let alone having aa sit down meal. So we started to look at food prep in a different light. Needing and wanting to prep so that there was more time for enjoying the meal became priority. But skipping the much needed nutrients was not an option, especially when the nutrients were needed for the children to stay healthy. The nourishment was needed throughout the physically demanding chosen sport. This led to the development of our quick meals list. Quick Meals is a main part of this website and a growing list as we discover and create new recipes.

Sharing the Discoveries

We realize that many are in the same situation and since our schedule is not the only hectic one out there we thought that others would appreciate our thoughts and creations. We hope these ideas and approaches helps your family have more time together. Without skipping the proteins, vitamins, and minerals you get from a homecooked meal that growing children very much need, Finally you can bring a balanced meal to the table again and have some heartwarming conversation to go with it. Bon Appetit!