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Creamy Strawberry Shortcake

An Easy Creamy Strawberry Shortcake Dessert

And who doesn’t like an easy and Sweet treat to finish a good home cooked meal…

An Easy Creamy Strawberry Shortcake Dessert And who doesn’t like an easy and Sweet treat to finish a good home cooked meal.

Strawberry Shortcake
Strawberry Shortcake

So the family just finished your delicious meal that took you a good part of the day to put together. And they all loved every bite. But now they are asking for dessert and you’re asking yourself where are they putting all this food. Nonetheless they do not stop the heckling about a dessert. Their sweet tooth has taken over and they insist you offer something to satisfy that craving. Now your mind is wondering to different quick treats that you can throw together to appease them and calm that inner sweet tooth.

Fruits are an important part of our diets and can provide necessary nutrients such as fiber, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals, so why not start there. Strawberries in particular provide magnesium, phosphorous, calcium, potassium, folate, vitamin K, proteins, carbohydrates, and fiber. Wow with all those in a single little colorful fruit why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of them.

This little surprise will only take a few minutes to put together  and will definitely calm the sweet tooth of those you love. And it will not take up too much time so you can get to relaxing sooner rather than later. And the best part is, you will become your families sweet tooth super hero. How is that for gratitude?

        • Sugar.
        • Fresh strawberries.
        • Vanilla Ice Cream
        • Dessert cups.
        • Whipped cream.

For those who enjoy a hot drink I would suggest a cup of tea or coffee. Both go really well with this delectable dessert. Milk goes well too, not just with cookies. This would make a good choice for the individuals who are mindful of how much sugars are consumed through their meals.

        • (1 cup) fresh strawberries.
        • (1/2 cup) sugar.NOTE: Dessert Cup or Pound Cake
        • (1/2 gallon) Vanilla ice cream
        • (6 pack) dessert cups.
        • 1 can or container of whipped cream.

Dice strawberries into a bowl. Add the sugar to the strawberries (amount can be adjusted up or down to accommodate taste and health conscious individuals). Stir with a fork causing strawberries to  be lightly mashed. This will really allow the strawberries and juice to mix and absorb the sugar. Let the mixture sit while preparing the rest of the dessert.

Using a blender, slightly soften the vanilla ice cream. Now distribute the dessert cups onto individual plates.


Add one scoop of ice cream to each dessert cup. With a table spoon, scoop even proportions of strawberry mixture onto the ice cream. Pour remaining strawberry juice, evenly distributed, between the servings. Cover top of dessert with whipped cream. Top with a whole strawberry for aesthetics (optional).

Strawberries and Whipped Cream
Strawberries and Whipped Cream

NOTE: Bananas or BlueberriesNo cooking needed. This beauty is ready to serve cold. That is the great thing about this one. It can be prepared in under ten minutes and offers a fruitful ending to a delicious meal.


Watch out now. They will be asking for this dessert more often and that’s not a bad thing. As a side note, preparing the strawberries and sugar the night before and letting them meld in the fridge overnight only makes them that much more juicy.


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